Traditional Middle Eastern Rug. Hand Made Hand Knotted Genuine Blue Rug

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A Rare & Beautiful Traditional Hand made, Hand Knotted Eastern Rug beautifully made on navy ground with central motif and floral borders, peach and pink colour way with supporting decorated large and thin guard stripe borders. The central region has been woven with a traditional design of three intricate guls bordered by narrow and broad guard stripes. The word gul, sometimes spelt gul actually means flower in Farsi, the language spoken in Persia, the modern day country of Iran. The gol tells a story of the rug into which it was woven.

Made to wonderful proportions it will stand proud in any room.

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This traditional rugs has a wonderful luxurious feel and would have taken hundreds of hours to make by hand often with multiple people working on them. Rugs of this design can be usefully placed when off centre where as a rugs with a central medallion may be better placed more centrally. These prized possessions were and still are an essential in a wealthy household to impress all that visited. Tapestries for the floor.

Worth buying even just as an investment or store of wealth. As expected with age some wear and tear from use but all adding to the wonderful patina of the piece.

Size 42 cm x 64 cm

Made from wool and circa 40 years old.

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