A Rare & Beautiful 160 Year Old Antique French Comtoise Longcase Clock. C1860

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A Rare & Beautiful 160 Year Old Antique French Walnut Comtoise Longcase Grandfather Clock. Made in 19th Century France during our reign of Queen Victoria in around 1860 to a lovely standard. The wonderful tall walnut upright section with hood a top over banjo shaped trunk with glazed panel and inlaid detailing. The tapering base with inlaid front panel and raised on shaped bracket feet. Once complete the cabinet is decorated by hand with stencil. The wonderful face with gilt metal pressed spandrels over enamel face signed Desmarres Martiqne Ferchaud, Roman numerals and a wonderful pressed brass pendulum. The face and pendulum with painted sections. A true antique and wonderfully rare continental Longcase clock. Made to lovely proportions and to an excellent standard it will stand proud in any room.

We don’t believe in the usual huge mark ups. We hand-pick every piece of antique furniture and pride ourselves on our low prices. Quality you can trust for far less!

The walnut has a lovely colour and rich patina created over the last 140 years. A stunning piece of French history that was an essential in every wealthy household. Worth buying even just as an investment or store of wealth.

As expected with age and is usual in the damp un centrally heated chateaus and stone houses the cabinet has lots of wear and tear including historic woodwork from the large drafty and damp ingested chateaus of France. All adding to the patina.

The clock has a 30 hour movement that has been meticulously overhauled.

Our clocks are half the price of antique & clock shops. Each one is overhauled by a leading specialist in the midlands with over 60 years experience which would usually cost £500 upwards, alone. This clock is in excellent working order and keeps excellent time. The movement and workings are nearly 140 years old, yet look almost new after being overhauled.

****The movement is currently being overhauled and due to be completed in around 3 / 4 weeks.

Height 229 cm - width 51 cm - depth 20 cm

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