Antique Furniture For Hotels, Restaurants & Business

Those Key Pieces To Make Your Business Shine  

We’re experts in supplying and sourcing stunning key pieces of Antique Furniture to your business. We’re focussed on supplying the commercial market - We’ve supplied rare & beautiful key pieces of antique furniture to Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants and even some of the most exclusive venues in Mayfair, London. We’ll do it at a fraction of the cost of traditional commercial suppliers and antique dealers. 

Every piece of furniture is handpicked by us and we always provide outstanding value for money, along with Free Delivery. A single piece of furniture from Antiques Co can transform a space from typical to extraordinary and provide a focal point for social media.

We always have a team member on hand to answer your emails, night or day. Plus we take care of delivery, it’s always Free with a two man team.

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